4 Most Popular Reasons Why Anal Bleaching Is Still Taboo

nicki minajAnal bleaching – the new trend that is picking up pace like wildfire. While this practice may not seem like anything out of the ordinary among certain groups of people [thanks to the permissiveness of these cultures], the mere mention of it is sure to raise eyebrows among some other groups. Trending as it may but the truth of the matter is, the practice is still considered a taboo by a lot of people and the following are the possible reasons for this.

1. Common Among Porn stars

The first time most of us possibly saw a lightened anus was in a porn film. Yes, porn stars have popularized this practice and for reasons that are obvious – a dark anus is simply not good for the cameras, seeing as most porn stars are themselves white. The practice is therefore seen as a way of enforcing some uniformity among the stars so that their bodies become more appealing to viewers. Because porn movies are still taboos in many cultures, anything that happens in them is treated as such and that includes anal bleaching.

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2. Popularized by Celebrities

woman with shopping bagsCelebrities, both in the porn industry and in other industries are known to endorse various practices and products. The products and habits so endorsed are known to take off, regardless of the moral implications behind them. For this reason, the society has been trained to look down upon these products and habits with effect that they are treated with lots of skepticism. When it comes to anal bleaching, there are plenty of celebrities on record as having endorsed the practice and a few others who have actually gone ahead and do it themselves. This has easily put the practice among those commonly looked down upon by our societies for the very reason that their fame and popularity is as a result of a section of people who are not so much held in high esteem when it comes to questions of morality – celebrities.

3. Financial Implications

Well, many of us may not have strong aversions to capital-intensive medical procedures but when it comes to those that border on cosmetics, then a great deal of people have their reasons for looking the other way. The average cost of anus whitening in the United States is $200 and this may even double depending on the products used as well as the profile of the spa one attends. Many people wouldn’t mind spending this on any other procedure such as a nose job especially if it is a corrective procedure. However, as we all know, there is nothing corrective about anus whitening and in most cases and the exorbitant costs accompanied with no real medical benefits make many people treat it as a taboo.

4. Promotes Anal Sex

Perhaps one of the greatest reasons why skin bleaching is still held in contempt by many people is the fact that it promotes anal sex, or at least deviant practices. By whitening the anus, there is the associated hype that comes with it as many people now tend to take more interest in it. A straight couple will often be tempted to try butt sex because the mere act of bleaching presents the anus as the new frontier when it comes to sexual practices.

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