Why is the Anal Region So Sensitive?

There are many sensitive areas all over the human body, and these are usually the most delicate parts. From the eye to the ear, inside the nose, tip of the penis (males) and clitoris (in females), anal region and underneath the nail bed, the human body is full of extremely sensitive parts. However, you will realize the sensitivities vary from one part to another. For instance, the sensitivity depicted by the rectal region has three main forms namely itchiness, pain/irritation, and arousal. But why is our anus so sensitive?

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3 Reasons for Anal Sensitivity

While it is difficult to comprehensively describe why the anus region is so sensitive, there are various reasons and factors and reasons we can point to. The body has a reason for increased sensitivity and these sensations can be warning signs and indicators that prompt us to take a given action. In fact, this is the single most precise reason for all body-sensitivities. Some of the causes and reasons for the increased anus area sensitivity include the following:

  1. More nerve endings – All sensitive body areas named above (eye, beneath the nail, anal area…) have numerous nerve endings to pick up signals which are sent directly to the brain. There are more nerve endings in such places than other parts like forehead or elbow. The more nerve endings we have around a given section of our body, the more sensitive it will be as nerves basically transmit signals to the brain to aid quick response. An itch will quickly prompt a scratch and smoke or teargas will get you to blink and close your eyes.woman scratching
  2. For protection – More nerve endings are found in sensitive parts mainly for protection. Take the eye for instance; if it was not sensitive enough, then you could easily be pricked, and other elements such as dust, smoke, and flies could enter the eye without you knowing early enough to blink. The increased sensitivity helps you protect the eye. In the same way, the anus leads to an opening through which pathogens, germs, and parasites can gain entry to your body. The sensitivity helps you notice any foreign entry before it happens.
  3. For warning signs (symptoms) – Sensitivity around the rectal region is one way to inform you about an underlying problem. For instance, painful defecation is a way to prompt you to drink more water if that is the problem. Nonetheless, pain can also be an indication of infections such as bowel syndrome. Since the anus is so important (the leading waste exit), increased sensitivity helps you identify and treat any infection or problem within your digestive tract.


There are other reasons for anal sensitivity including arousal. Cats are known to rub their anus on the ground repeatedly to induce vomiting when they consumed something nasty or poison. Some doctors have also suggested rectal stimulation to patients of erectile dysfunction, as it is associated with a tingly sensation similar to that felt during arousal. Are you still wondering why our anus is so sensitive? If you are, it may interest you to read more on the anatomy of the anus and surrounding anal region to understand their function as well physiology.

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