Why Do We Need a Rectal Exam Once in a While?

prostate exam A rectal examination involves a doctor or a nurse inserting their finger into your rectum, which is the passage in your butt. They would do this because they are looking for abnormalities in your rectum, such as an enlarged prostate. This is a fairly routine physical examination that is conducted regularly. And it does not hurt at all because the nurse or doctor will be very careful about how they are going about the examination of your rectum and butt. You have also got to undergo a rectal examination sometime in your life at least once because there could be all sorts of health problem that could be detected if you had one of these physical examinations conducted.

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What is it For?

These kinds of physical tests are also called prostate exam. And this is what it is primarily for, it is to check on the state of your prostate. Your prostate could have abnormalities that can indicate things such as cancer. Another reason why these kinds of tests are conducted is to look for hernias or the cause of them. If you suffer from anal prolapse, a doctor would probably recommend that you undergo some kind of examination of your rectum or anus. This is because they will have to thoroughly check the area to make sure that everything is okay and that there is no underlying cause in your rectum or anus, that could be the culprit of your prolapse or a hernia.

What To Expect?

Most people are worried about getting this kind of medical checkup done. And that is understandable since it is a pretty private part of your body that is going to get tested. The first thing that you should know is that it would not be painful at all. At most, you would only feel a little discomfort, but there would be no real pain involved with this kind of physical checkup. The healthcare professional that would be conducting your physical exam of your butt would be using a lot of lubricants so that you would virtually not feel any discomfort at all from their stretching you out. And second, of all, it is not that embarrassing of an experience! If you are worried about it being really embarrassing, you should know that nurses and doctors have probably done hundreds of rectal tests, and it is just another routine medical test for them. Doing this kind of medical test would also be really quick. It would be over in only a few minutes. And if it helps, you should know that a healthcare professional would also be using a disposable latex glove to examine your butt, which would make it a really hygienic procedure.

Your Prostate

stomachacheIf you are male, then you will have your prostate located in your butt. Your prostate is a tiny gland that is found inside of your pelvis. It is located just below your penis and in between your bladder. The prostate gland is also the gland that is found surrounding your urethra. And if there were any problems that are located in your prostate, a doctor would be able to check it after doing a prostate test. If your prostate is enlarged in any way, a healthcare professional should be able to check it out.

An enlarged prostate can cause the following problems:

Difficulty in urinating – You will have a harder time urinating because your prostate will be pressing against your urethra.

Uncontrollable bladder – You would also find that holding in your urine is going to be much harder because there is more pressure on your bladder from your enlarged prostate.

Prostate Cancer

An enlarged prostate could be due to cancer. And prostate cancer is one of the most common kinds of cancer amongst men. If you have got a family that has got a history of cancer, then you definitely should get a prostate exam. This is because this is one of the most effective ways of spotting the signs of prostate cancer early. A doctor or a nurse would be able to conclusively check on whether or not your prostate is enlarged, and whether or not it could be due to cancer. Only through a prostate test would doctors be able to tell you if you have prostate cancer or not.

Other things medical professional are looking for:

Blockages – Doctors would also inspect your rectum for any kind of blockages. They would feel around your rectum or use a medical device to inspect its wall.

Inflammation – Any kind of swelling or inflammation would also be checked by doctors. Those inflammations in your rectal lining could be caused by hernias or other kinds of health issues.

Irregular bowel movement – If you are constantly constipated, you may have to undergo some kind of test of your butt as well. This is because doctors would be looking for all sorts of causes to your irregular bowel movement.

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