Why Do You Need to Shave Your Anus Before Bleaching it?

“To shave or not to shave?” This is a question that many people ask white razorthemselves before bleaching their anus. The fact is that anal bleaching has become not only popular but accepted as part of healthy grooming habits. This has led to the development of different products and techniques each designed to achieve the best results. However, one of the most debated questions about the procedure is whether to shave the anus or not to shave before bleaching. Most people are in the opinion that it’s better to shave the area first prior to bleaching due to the following benefits:

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1. Check Extent of Discoloration

The anus will become darker over time due to exposure to the elements especially the sun, poor hygiene, friction, wrong products, aging, tight underwear/panties and more. However, it may also be caused by some infections or diseases such as STIs, cancer, or injury. Shaving allows you to determine if the discoloration is natural or not. Using the bleach on a wound may cause more harm than good. In case of doubt, it is recommended to seek advice from a medical professional.

2. Enhance Effectiveness

The goal of bleaching is to try to balance the skin around the anal region with that of the body. The anus may have uniform darkness, or it may have uneven patches. Unfortunately, hair interferes with how the active ingredients penetrate the skin and this limits the product’s effectiveness. Shaving the region before allows the product to deeply penetrate the entire region and make it more effective. It also helps monitor the progress to know whether it’s working or not.

3. Reduce Uneven Skin Tone

The last thing you want is for the anus to have different shades. Yes, it will become lighter and brighter, but it will have a spotted look. This normally happens when the bleach’s active ingredients don’t penetrate at the same rate. You can, however, make the process easier by getting rid of the obstructive hairs and making the region much smoother. A hair-free region also makes it less likely for dirt, oils, and germs from blocking the product.

4. Hygiene

showerheadA known fact is that anal hairs trap dirt and germs and also make it harder to clean the area. Although your key reason for bleaching is to make the region less dark and more uniform with the rest of the body, shaving beforehand is done for hygienic purposes. Not only will you have a better-looking anus that makes you more proud and confidence but are also sure it is much cleaner. And as they say, it’s like killing two birds with one stone.

Shaving the anal area brings more benefits as illustrated above. It makes it easy to see the extent of discoloration, promotes the product’s effectiveness, helps monitor progress and also boosts good hygiene. Nonetheless, you should ensure you use the best shaving techniques that won’t harm the skin. This entails going for natural and certified techniques and following the right procedure. Furthermore, the bleaching products should also contain natural products so as to minimize any side effects.

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