Everyone Is Doing Oral-Play – Here’s How You Can Eat Booty Like a Pro

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Do you want to spice up your boring sex life? Try out some cheeky routines like oral-anal play. Spice up your sex life by trying out things like booty eating. Whether you are trying it out with your partner or with a one-night stand, this is bound to give you pleasure like never before. Most men are scared of trying out anything other than the missionary position; thus it will be a good challenge if you wheel him into booty eating.

Most people do not see the appeal of analingus until they actually try it. The first time will obviously be a little awkward and gross, but after some time he will get the hang of it. To be one-step ahead of your partner, you should personally try knowing and learning how to perform it. Below are a few tips to performing the oral-anal play.

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12 Tips for Performing Analingus:

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1. Only try it out if you are open to the idea

Most people need up performing outrageous stunts while having sex for the pleasure of their partner, and not themselves. This is not right. The entire idea of being intimate with someone is mutual satisfaction. Thus, it is advisable that you only go through with it if you are open to the idea. This means that you will approach the situation in your own terms. No one should pressure you into performing it.

2. Make sure that your partner is also open to the idea

Most people rush their partners into performing certain stunts during sex, for their own benefit. Consent is essential, even if they are the receiver of the act. Not everyone is comfortable with having someone’s tongue up his or her asshole. Make sure you communicate with your partner about it and come to a mutual understanding.

3. Good hygiene

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This should not even be an issue worth addressing. Genitals are to be kept clean at all times. This means that you make sure that a shower is in order prior to the act. Take a long shower that includes thoroughly washing your ass and asshole. There is numerous oral- anal horror stories on the internet that will make you think twice about performing analingus on your partner. The idea is to make sure that you use your finger to wash your anus prior to analingus.

4. Shave your hair

Pubic hair is not an issue for most people. In fact, some people prefer their partners to maintain their long pubic hairs. However, this becomes an issue when the hair at issue is in the booty. The thought of licking and sucking on a hairy asshole is disgusting. Thus, make sure you shave, trim, or wax it off before the act.

5. Spit is essential

Since the anus has no form of natural lubrication, you might want to increase the spit as you lick the booty. This is especially if you are planning to use your fingers or some sex toys like anal beads. Otherwise, if you skip this part, your partner will be in a lot of pain for the next couple of days.

6. Put your tongue to work

There is no clear way of using your tongue during booty eating. You just have to go with the flow. Make sure you communicate with your partner on what exactly makes them feel the most sensation. You can make some shapes and indulge with your partner as you do. There are numerous nerves in the anus; thus you will have to maintain the stimulation by switching up the tongue movement. You could change your speed, using various tongue motions, or even include your breath. Temperature change is quite stimulating. Just go crazy with your tongue.

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7. Do not be afraid to get in there

Naturally, the anus has tight muscles, but after some time of intense stimulation, it will relax. Once this happens, you can comfortably push your tongue in the anus. During this time, spit is essential. Do not hold back.

8. Refrain from double-dipping

Most people indulge the anus with sex toys and fingers and stick the same objects in the vagina. This could lead to various bacterial infections and even inflammation. The anus has various bacteria, which have been known to cause infections and cystitis when introduced into the vagina. Help your partner maintain their health by saving them form this scenario.

9. Try out some sex toys

Switch up your sexual experience by including sex toys. Most people do not appreciate using sex toys on their first analingus try. However, if you and your partner are comfortable enough to use them, then you can go ahead. There are numerous sex toys to choose from such as the dildo, anal beads, or even the butt plugs. They are very stimulating. It increases the pelvic orgasm of both men and women.

10. Spread the booty cheeks

With the aid of your hands, spread the booty cheeks as you eat the anus. It will give you more room to dig into it and more surface area to lick. Make sure that you spread them apart moderately, to prevent any painful tears. In addition to this, this act is psychologically stimulating. Your partner will feel more at ease because the act relays the message that you are comfortable with their body and are enjoying it.

11. Include your hands

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There is more to eating the booty, other than using your tongue. You could include your hands and fingers to stimulate the other genital organs or to insert in the anus. In addition to this, your hands could move around your partner’s body including fondling their breasts or massaging their back. You have very many options to do with your hands and palms.

12. Mouth rinsing

Make sure that you maintain your hygiene by rinsing or washing your mouth before and after performing analingus. Alternatively, you could use a condom that is not lubricated or a glove. The other option would be to use a dental dam, which is a barrier between your mouth and the anus. These will help you maintain your health and that of your partner. However, in cases where those mentioned above will not be available, you could simply opt for a reliable mouthwash.

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