Ten Makeup Mistakes That Make Your Skin Look Tired

There is nothing worse than taking the effort to do your makeup properly in the morning and then getting a comment about how tired you look. No matter how well you follow a great skincare regime, your makeup can make or break your look. Take the time to address some common makeup mistakes that are guaranteed to make your skin look tired and dull. The results will be worth it, and the chances are your makeup routine will change for the better.

1. Too Much Makeup

Girl applying makeup on her faceThis is probably the most common mistake that most women make. Ideally, makeup should be there to complement your natural look subtly. By using too much makeup, you start bringing in attention to all the little flaws that would otherwise remain hidden. Remember, it doesn’t have to cost much to look beautiful.

There’s also a strong temptation to use all sorts of concealers, foundations, and highlighters to achieve a perfect look. If you’re using all of them at once, they interfere with each other, and instead of getting all the benefits, you get no benefits and tired-looking skin instead. When this happens, there is no way for makeup to fix tired-looking skin.

2. Too Little Makeup

portrait-beautiful-young-woman-applying-eye-shadowToo little makeup is just as bad as too much, particularly when you start to age and you need a bit of help getting your skin to glow as it did before. Even if you follow a strict routine with plenty of exercise, lots of fruits and vegetables, and no dairy or junk food, your skin is going to age and get blemished. A subtle bit of makeup will help your skin look healthy and radiant. All you truly need is a good primer, some foundation, light mascara, and some lipstick. 

3. Your Makeup Doesn’t Match Your Skin Tone

It can be hard to accurately gauge your skin tone and find makeup that matches it, but it’s an essential step to have beautiful skin. Shades that are too dark will make you look older, and lighter shades will make you look sick. Ask a professional at the store for help to find the right shade.

4. You’re Suffocating Your Skin

Young beautiful woman in make-up conceptIf your foundation is sitting on top of your skin in a thick layer, your skin has absolutely no chance to breathe. Skin gets oxygen from both blood vessels and the air around it, so giving it some air is essential for healthy-looking skin. If you keep using lots of foundation to cover up your tired-looking skin, you’re stuck in a cycle that’s difficult to break.

5. You’re Misusing Your Concealer

A concealer is a great tool for masking those horrible imperfections and giving your skin a flawless look. However, as with many other makeup products, you need to use the best possible one for your skin. Waxy concealers are great for young skin that has lots of blemishes but is terrible for older skin as it can actually highlight any creases and wrinkles. 

Makeup experts recommend using a concealer with active skincare products that are as light as you can get away with. This prevents caking and creases while ensuring that your natural skin gets a healthy boost of goodness. 

6. You’re Spending Too Much Time on Your Routine

woman-applying-facial-spongeThis may be counter-intuitive, but the more time you spend in the morning on your makeup routine, the more chance you have it will result in tired-looking skin. The reason? The longer you spend on makeup, the less time you’re spending sleeping or relaxing. This rest has a much larger impact on your skin’s appearance than an extra layer of makeup.

Aim for spending five to ten minutes in the morning on your makeup. This should just cover the basics of your skincare routine, including foundation, eyes, and lips. 

7. You Haven’t Moisturized

Moisturizing is the key to healthy-looking skin and provides an excellent base for any other makeup that you put on. Read our article on makeup tips to make you look younger, and you’ll see that loving your moisturizer is on top of the list. If you’re taking care of your skin, you’ll get a solid foundation to build upon with moisturizer.

8. You Haven’t Used Natural Lighting

smiling-woman-applying-makeup-mirror-backgroundIf you’re applying your makeup in the bathroom with a light and no window, there’s a good chance that all your tones are a bit off. It’s one of the most common makeup mistakes. Natural light has a different tone to typical bathroom lights and is less harsh, which can lead to you finding out that you’ve put on too much foundation or that you’re using the wrong tone that makes you look sick and tired.

9. Your Lipliner is Too Harsh

Lipliner is there to keep your lipstick or stain from bleeding into the crevices around your lips. Don’t date your look by using a dark lipliner with lighter lipstick. Instead, stick to the same tone and blend the lipliner inwards onto your lips. 

Beauty Concept - Woman applying red lipstick with pink studio background. Beautiful girl makes makeup.10. Your Blush Doesn’t Flatter Your Face

Blush is one of the most difficult bits of makeup to apply correctly. While you may use it to highlight your cheekbones, if you use too much, you look like a clown. Moreover, if you’re applying it to below your cheekbones as well, you risk looking older and saggier than you are. Make sure you choose the right tone for your skin and brush upwards, following the curve of your cheekbone.


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