How Do Anal Bleaching Creams Work to Get Rid of Melanin?

With more and more people becoming comfortable with their bodies, a common concern among many has been why the anus is darker than other parts of the body. The simple answer to this is because of melanin which is responsible for darkening of the body especially increased areas of which the anus is one of them. Friction due to the movement of the thighs as in walking, running and other activities exacerbates the dark color. Most people have dark-colored anuses but the obviousness of that color difference depends on the skin color and is more pronounced in dark colored people.

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What is Melanin?

woman neckMelanin is a dark polymer that is synthesized in melanosomes (cell organelle) found in melanocytes (a type of cell found in the deep layers of skin) through a process known as melanogenesis. The more the chemical made the darker the skin. Other than genetics there are other factors that influence the amount of it in a certain part of the body. One such factor is friction which is high in the anal area causing more dark spots to be produced.

In the production of the chemical, the precurcor (L-Tyrosine) is converted to L-DOPA, a reaction that is catalyzed by an enzyme known as tyrosinase. There are other enzymes that work in the chain of reaction leading to the eventual formation of the darkness.

Once the melanin is formed, the melanosomes and the chemical in them are transferred to a layer of cells known as keratinocytes. These are more abundant than the ones that are located nearer to the skin surface. As time goes by and the horny layer of the skin is lost, the keratinocytes move closer to the skin surface and are replaced by newly generated ones from the deep layers. It is these keratinocytes that carry the chemical to the surface of the skin causing the dark appearance.

How Do Anal Bleaching Creams Work to Get Rid of it?

These anal bleaching products have a combination of ingredientswhite mask on woman that work to reduce the amount of darkness on the anal region. The ingredients will work in different ways but the most common is by interfering with the synthesis of the chemical. This results in no production in the area where the cream is applied and hence becomes whiter.

To stop the synthesis of the chemical, there are different mechanisms applied by different ingredients from the anal bleaching creams and gels. These products include inhibiting or slowing the activity of tyrosinase, inhibiting the production of tyrosinase, removing the intermediate products formed in melanogenesis, destroying the melanocytes, destroying the darkness directly and preventing the transfer of it to keratinocytes.

With none of it being produced the keratinocytes become lighter in color. The top layers of the skin with darkness will be lost and replaced by new keratinocytes which have no chemical hence resulting in whitening through the use of anus whitening products.

What are these Ingredients?

There are different ingredients that are used in different anal bleaching creams. However, be careful when choosing to ensure that these are present in the right concentrations. Hydoquinone for example should only be present at concentrations not exceeding 2%. Other ingredients that are useful in the removal of melanin include tretinoin, arbutin, kojic acid, azelaic acid, Vitamin C and glutathione. Most of the time, these will be used in combinations that give the best possible results. However always avoid creams that contain mercury as their use could lead to a fatal condition known as mercury poisoning.

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