All Your Most Embarrassing Butt Questions, Answered!

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For most people, there aren’t many things that are more uncomfortable to talk about than their butt. It’s funny actually because butts have become such a big part of the culture in the last 20 years (thank you JLo) that it’s difficult to turn on the TV, watch a music video or flip through a magazine without having a perfectly shaped rear end staring you in the face. And don’t get us started on twerking, or the sheer volume of butt related porn circulating in cyberspace. Still, most people are quite content to acknowledge butts without ever wanting to discuss any of the more intimate subjects pertaining to our favorite body part. So let us do it for you.

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Let’s Talk About Butts…

Where would 21st-century pop culture be without butts? In a much less sexy place that’s where. Still, mustering up the gumption to actually discuss some of the more delicate aspects of butt culture can be difficult, so we’re going to muster the gumption for you. Here are answers to those questions you haven’t known how to ask.

#1 Is There Really Such a Thing as Butt Botox?

botox for buttYes, Virginia. There is butt Botox, and it’s every bit as bizarre as you might expect it to be. To be sure injecting Botox into the anal region is not something everyone wants to or needs to do. But there are actually some valid medical reasons for having Botox inserted into the anus. Botox, for instance, can help people dealing with anal fissures recover quicker. It can also be used in the treatment of hemorrhoids. However, there are plenty of folks these days who are having Botox injected into the inner sphincter muscle for the sole purpose of making anal sex more comfortable for them. Most of the people engaging in this sort of cosmetic treatment are those that work in the porn industry (You didn’t think those double anals were performed without assistance did you?) or are into group sex or really get off on big sex toys. Like we said, it’s not for everybody.

#2 What is Anal Bleaching?

Model bright behindAnal bleaching is the process of applying a mild acid to the area around the anal region to lighten the color of this area. Some people are unhappy with the fact that the area immediately around their anus is darker in color than their ass cheeks. They want everything to look the same. (For the record, not everyone’s butthole is darker than the rest of their ass.) Some of these unhappy dark-rimmers have decided to do something about it and, as a result, the process of anal bleaching was born and is now a thriving industry. There are scores of clinics and spas these days that will do the bleaching for you, or you can buy over the counter products you can apply yourself at home. It’s typically a fast, painless procedure though you may have to do it several times to achieve the lightness you want.

You can learn more from this page.

#3 What’s the Most Effective Method of Anal Hair Removal?

hairAll the emphasis on ass these days has caused countless people from every country to drop their pants and scope their butts. When doing so, some are surprised to discover they actually have a fair amount of hair around their behind and want to get rid of it. But how to do so? You can shave, although you’ll need to be incredibly careful and when the hair starts to grow back things can get itchy. Or you could have a Brazilian wax job. Although this will cost you more than a disposable razor, it’s also likely to produce a smoother finished product, and there’s no risk of cutting yourself. The truly brave will use a hair removal product like Nair. But while that seems like an ideal solution the fact is the anus is a sensitive area, and some people’s behind become sore and inflamed by using Nair. Finally, there are those patient types who set aside a chunk of time on a Saturday afternoon to sit spread open in front of a mirror and pluck away the unwanted hairs one at a time.

#4 What’s up With Butt Pimples?

pimples on buttWe’ve all been there. You wait all year for the weather to warm up and when it finally does you put on your swimsuit, check yourself in the mirror and discover 1 or 2 (or more) big red pimples staring back at you. Aaarrrgh! The prevalence of pimples is actually higher in the summer as our intimate areas sweat in our pants causing folliculitis. There isn’t a whole lot you can do about it except wear looser pants or skirts and shower often to remove the sweaty film that’s causing your pores to clog and pimple up. Also, if you plan to hit the beach on the weekend, check out your behind on Tuesday so you have a chance to deal with any pimples that might present themselves before you hit the beach.

#5 How Do I Get Rid of Butt Spots?

lowered jeansSometimes mosquito bites or pimples leave a nasty dark spot on your ass. While most people won’t give such a blemish more than a passing thought, others want to find some method for removing it. But is there anything that can really be done? First of all the reason you’ll see this type of blemish on your butt and not your neck is that your intimate area doesn’t get any sun. So unless you’re going to change your life and become an exhibitionist, you’ll probably continue to see these spots pop up from time to time. That said there are various scrubs and peels that you can get at certain spas and clinics that will help lighten this type of spot. There are some clinics that offer laser therapy to lighten up spots like this as well although they’ll cost you more. At the end of the day the procedure you choose will depend on how much it means to you to have a blemish free buttocks.

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