Product Review: Revitol Skin Brightener Cream

Our skin is the largest organ in the body and is also the most exposed to the harsh environmental conditions and is therefore in need of good care. So, are you that person who wants a brighter, even looking and well-toned body? Are you in search of non-toxic, natural products to keep your body healthy and vibrant but are running out of choices? Then you should get yourself Revitol Skin Brightener. It is a safe and herbal-based solution that ensures your body is beautiful and glowing.

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Revitol skin brightener cream protects your skin against the adverse weather conditions such as sunlight and the ultra-violet radiations, as well as toxic chemicals and substances emitted to the environment. Besides protecting your skin, it can also restore your skin to its initial healthy state. It has been formulated to make your body even, remove blotching and pigmentations as well as freckles.


Revitol skin brightener is made from safe plant-based ingredients that have been proven to diminish and erase the appearances of many different abnormalities of the skin. It has natural emollients, moisturizers, and body-nourishing vitamins. Its ingredients include:


This is an extract from the bearberry plant, which can also be found in wheat and pear skin. Arbutinin is a key ingredient due to its ability to reduce the appearance of dark areas and patches on your body.

Shea butter

Shea butter is derived from nuts of karite nut tree and has been in use for centuries by African women to cook. It has healing properties and contains natural ultra violet rays’ protectants and emollients. It can also tighten and make the body firmer.


It is an extract of comfrey plant and promotes the health of the outer dermal layer of the skin.

primrose flowerEvening primrose oil

It has been used for a long time as medicine. It is effective in skin care and helps alleviate the drying of the skin


It inhibits an enzyme called tyrosinase and therefore helps to lighten the skin appearance and also promotes a more even looking skin tone.

Grapefruit seed extracts

It is a natural anti-oxidant that protects your skin from radicals that have bad effects on your skin.


It has vitamins A, C and E, which promote normal skin cells activity. Vitamins C and E are also antioxidants. Vitamin A is a very important nutrient for skin bleaching development.

Benefits of using Revitol Skin Brightener Cream

  • It reduces the appearance of freckles, liver-spots and uneven pigmentation
  • Makes your skin even and healthy
  • Makes your skin radiant and brighter
  • It is made of natural ingredients and safe for use
  • And of course, it is affordable and cost effective

You should note that unlike many skin bleaching creams out in the market, Revitol does not contain mercury and hydroquinone. Mercury is a highly toxic heavy metal, while the safety of hydroquinone is being questioned. Revitol uses arbutinin as an alternative to hydroquinone.

Revitol is available all over the globe and at an affordable cost. But do not expect crazy results from using Revitol because it is not going to be able to do that in most cases. So, if you are planning to use this brand then expect very realistic results from it, or you’ll be thoroughly disappointed if you expect it to work in less than two weeks.

Final Thoughts

Even though we think Revitol is a good product, it still falls short to Amaira if you compare prices and results. Isn’t that what we’re all looking for? Not only, does Amaira works in all cases, it works faster than any other products that we have tested. To learn more about the Amaira Intimate Lightening Serum product, go here:


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