Can Physical Looks Help You Have Better Sex?

fit coupleLet’s face it! Sex can become boring with time especially when you’ve been with your partner for years. After knowing him/her for long and having sex countless times, couples usually become complacent intimately and that’s when the boring sex sets in. Although this doesn’t happen to every couple on the planet, it happens to most. This shouldn’t, however, be taken to mean that there is no love in the relationship. Far from it! Boring sex stems from many things. Our focus here will be on the physical side of things. This leads us to a very important question; can aesthetics/physical looks help with better sex? Below is a detailed discussion to help you answer this question.

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Sex is all in the mind

Am sure you’ve heard this statement countless times. Well, there is some scientific truth to it. Sex begins in the brain with attraction which is simply an increase in the activity of a part of the brain known as amygdala. This, in turn, produces chemical changes in your brain which make you act on lust. As the need for sex is satisfied i.e. after an orgasm, the activity in the brain slows down. In a nutshell, it’s all in the mind (or brain if you like). It, however, starts with attraction and attraction is mostly physical for both sexes. Men are physically attracted to beauty. Women are also attracted to looks although not as much as men. In this regard, there is no doubt that looks can help with better sex. Making yourself as attractive as possible will definitely eliminate the boredom/boost attraction resulting in better sex. If you’ve been complacent about your looks, it’s time to do something about it.

Being physically attractive (physically fit) boosts you energy

running111One of the things that makes sex boring is lack of variety. When you’re no longer willing or able to enjoy different positions, sex will usually become boring. Although most couples are willing to try different sex positions, physical fitness can get in the way. Let’s face it, sex positions are physically challenging. If you want better sex, however, you need to be in better physical shape than you are now for you to be able to have the energy to try more and better sex positions with your partner. The more physically fit you are, the more the energy you will have to experiment and ultimately have better sex. Furthermore, you will look more attractive when you are in better physical shape.

Looks boost your confidence

Lack of self-confidence can hinder many things including intimacy. When you don’t believe in yourself, it can be hard to enjoy the pleasures of life, including sex. When you look your best, you become confident enough to face the world and all its challenges. Confident people want the best for themselves and their loved ones. They don’t settle for anything including boring sex. When you work on your looks as well as how you feel (your confidence) you will definitely have better sex.


From the above information, it is accurate to conclude that aesthetics or physical looks help with better sex. When you improve your looks, you will definitely increase your attractiveness. Improving your looks via exercise will also boost your energy allowing you to enjoy more sex positions which will ultimately result in better sex. Improving your looks also boosts your confidence allowing you to enjoy better sex.

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