Are Skin Bleaching Surgeries Safe and Worth the Risk?

For a long time, cosmetic surgeries have been considered to be a part and parcel of the celebrity lifestyle, responsible for the perfect, glamorous looks of rich and famous people. Have you ever seen a celebrity whose appearance almost changed overnight? Whether it is for a full body surgery to accentuate perfect curves or plastic surgery to get the best facial structure, most celebrities have tried it all! Cosmetic surgeries have really made it possible to defy aging symptoms, sport a new look, lighten skin tones and enhance attractiveness overall.

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Skin Bleaching Surgeries: What do they intend to do?

Cosmetic surgery has had a lot of success in depigmenting the skin so as to give it a lighter tone and color. A lot of people might feel insecure about their dark skin, and might try different methods to get a fairer appearance. While bleaching creams and soaps do lighten dark skin spots, the treatment is never too thorough and the effect is not permanent. For an even lighter tone, most people are therefore encouraged to consider skin lightening surgeries. Click this link to find out more about our website.

Unlike bleaching creams which only reduce superficial dark spots on skin, skin lightening treatment removes the melanin from the skin from deeper layers. Melanin is the component that protects the skin from harmful UV rays, but also gives the skin a darker color.

What are the common Skin Bleaching Surgeries?

There are two treatment processes that are used by cosmetic surgeons. Usually doctors study the skin quality of their patients before deciding which treatment would be the best for them.

  • Peeling: This process is more common for people who have a relatively fairer complexion. Once the chemical peel is applied to the face, it starts to dissolve the top epidermic layer. This removes the melanin from the top which helps in revealing fresh, younger skin underneath. The peel is then removed after a while.
  • Cryosurgery: This is a treatment where liquid nitrogen is used to destroy melanin pigment. As a result, new skin cells start to grow which bring the youthful glow back to the face.
  • Laser treatment: This is usually used as a last resort to lighten skin pigments. A laser pulse is aimed at the skin to destroy all dark spots and cells to reduce hyper-pigmentation.


Are these Skin Depigmentation Surgeries safe at all?

Even though skin bleaching surgeries offer permanent results, they require a lot of safety procedures that patients need to abide by. Surgeons usually inform their clients about all risks, and then give them enough information to help their skin to heal better and faster.

Recovery period is long:

For most of these permanent skin lightening solutions, patients need at least 2 or 3 months to recover from immediate symptoms. Chemical peels can leave the skin puffy and red for a while. For a few weeks following the surgery, the skin would look like it was heavily sunburnt, and patients are advised not to expose their skin directly to the sun until some months have passed. This is quite inconvenient, and a tiny slip-up in the healing process can result in permanent damage.

Unfortunate side effects:

Even though a lot of reviews of skin bleaching surgeries focus on the positive effects, many clients have reported that they experienced some scarring and change in facial texture. The result is also not perfect always, as some of these surgeries can result in creating uneven skin tone.

The solution is often not permanent:

Most of these procedures require multiple sittings, which also add to a huge financial expense. Considering the fact that a basic skin depigmentation surgery might cost anything above $500, it becomes quite cumbersome for many to go for multiple sessions to maintain the lighter skin tone.

Skin Lightening Surgeries do offer quick solutions, and a lot of clients have expressed positive reaction to these permanent treatments. However, the real benefits can last in the long run only if people take adequate steps to help the skin heal well after the surgery. Also, doctors advise that people should follow a healthy diet and use good products for their skin treatment on a daily basis so as to maintain the best results from the surgery.

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