So, Why Are Anal Bleaching Surgeries & Treatments so Darn Expensive?

A growing number of women and men are developing concerns about the appearance and function of their genital areas. This aspect has led to the gradual rise in popularity of the practice. Anal bleaching refers to a genital cosmetic procedure where the skin around the anus is lightened to become more uniform and match the color of the surrounding area.

Apparently, adult film performers were among the first individuals to undergo this procedure. As adult films spread into the mainstream sector, various celebrities in Hollywood began endorsing the practice. These, in addition to the increase in the number of women trying out anal sex, are the major contributors to this fast developing trend. Today more and more people are open to the idea of bleaching their genital areas.

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There are several methods through which the process can be carried out. They include DIY at home anal bleaching lotions, gels and creams, cryosurgery and laser whitening. The use of skin lightening products is more common than the last two methods. However, of all the surgical options, laser treatment is the most preferable.

The Procedure

Surgical anal bleaching is performed using cutting-edge second wave laser technology. The minimally invasive laser application takes about 15 minutes to complete per session. The laser is used to efficiently and effectively remove the dark colored tissue in the outer anal area by targeting the melanin in the epidermis, which happens to be the primary source of the discoloration.

The procedure provides long-term results, with a lighter, radiant and skin that is evenly toned. You will undergo the treatment following an appointment where the doctor will advise you on several issues. Women can only undergo the procedure when they are not menstruating. This is all part of the cosmetic surgery that is genital bleaching.

You will also be advised not to shave or wax your anal area some three days or so before the surgery. Additionally, suntans, sunburns and general irritation of the anal area are to be avoided before the procedure. It is important to note the laser anal bleaching is done under local anesthesia only.

The post-surgery special care is also critical. You have to maintain proper hygiene of the anal region, and you will be advised only to wear loose fitting clothing for a few days following the operation. Sexual intercourse is not recommendable within seven days of the treatment. Swimming within this same period is also prohibited.

What is the Real Cost?

While lotions and creams are relatively cost efficient, anal bleaching laser surgery, just like all laser surgeries, definitely does not come cheap. This is compounded by the fact that one session is not sufficient for successful whitening procedure even though some improvement may be witnessed.

Complete bleaching requires a few sessions, around three at most. The sessions will be spread out in intervals of 4 to 6 weeks. The average cost of anal bleaching surgeries is $2,000 per course (around $6,000 for the entire process).

However, you should note that that the cost is quoted individually according to the specific conditions and needs of each patient. It will also vary depending on the actual cosmetic surgery clinic or doctor.

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