Effective Anal Bleaching Techniques – Get Your Bleached Ass Today!

It’s time to start taking care of your ass!

And we mean that literally. While people are spending thousands of dollars on beauty treatments, spas and exercise programs for all the other parts of their body, they’re often neglecting their butts. No more!

From big-bootied celebrities to white sandy beaches all over the world, asses are hotter than ever, and it’s time to get yours looking just as fine.

So what is the number one beauty trend for your ass? Anal bleaching!

Anal bleaching is one of the newest beauty trends in which both women and men are choosing to lighten the skin that surrounds their butthole. Once reserved exclusively for porn stars, this trend which helps you to feel confident about your booty has become mainstream – and butt confidence is something not a lot of people have.

Whether you want to wow the masses when walking on the beach, or you just want to do something special for your special someone, once you go bleach you’ll never go back!

What Is The Best Way To Get My Ass Bleached?

For people who are interested in getting this trendy procedure done, done you have a few options:

  • Surgery
  • Spa treatments
  • Beauty salon services
  • DIY At-home creams and gels

Since everyone’s booty has different needs, it’s important to find the option which suits you best. Factors that you should consider when deciding which way you want your butt brightened include cost, comfort, safety, discretion and convenience.

Here are a few of our top picks for your do-it-yourselfers playing along at home:

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What is Anal Bleaching and How Can I Do it?

smilingThe achieved results vary from person to person dependent upon their respective type and color of skin. As an example, individuals with skin that is dark brown surrounding the anus are unable to have their anus bleached to either light pink or white. The only available option for those individuals is to have the skin bleached in order to match surrounding skin of your bum.

The process of anus bleaching has grown as a trend over the past few years as increasing amounts of people in search of a method of enhancing their personal beauty even the look of their butts.

People have decided that in their most intimate areas and moments in life, they want to feel extraordinary, beautiful and confident. With proper anus bleeching, the confidence a person has does increase and aesthetically, it is quite pleasing. For those that simply desire natural looking results that require no amount of surgery, the natural whitening can be accomplished without the risk of side-effects.


There are a handful of options that are available regarding buttwhole whitening. They range from natural home remedies to costly surgical procedures. The vast majority of those that are interested in and/or partaking of the trend seemingly opt for home-based options due to economic constraints.

Asshole bleaching gaining popularity

groupAnal bleaching has its origins in the porn industry and then moved into Bridesmaids adopting the practice. From there, this beauty treatment for the vagina found itself introduced to the world at large. Most experts in the industry strongly contend that without the exposure via porn stars, most likely the vaginal area or butthole lightening would not be the trend that it is today. Since being introduced to the world, there has been an incredible surge in the number of men and women wanting to have the beauty treatment.

The vast majority of those that have undergone the treatment proclaim that they felt more confident as well as cleaner within intimate relationships. Others who have had the treatment done admit that their intent was for glamour alone. They find themselves looking far better when wearing bikini bottoms, G-strings as well as thongs. There are also butt bleaching for males of any age that are available online.

People with darkened skin around their assholes are happier these days with the rise of this kind of product that is made for both men and women. It’s just more convenient than having to go under the knife, not to mention A LOT cheaper! The effects of surgery and the at home treatment are comparable especially if you look at the ‘before and after’ pictures of people that have tested the product and the surgery. There really is not much of a difference, except that bleaching creams are much safer and cheaper.

The causes of a darker intimate area

The skin around a person’s anus tends to darken naturally due to either the consistent wearing of tight thongs or G-strings, poor skin care habits and an increased amount of melanin. With all of that being said, the trends of nipple bleeching, vaginal bleaching as well as ass hole bleaching began as trends in Hollywood. They first began being offered by health spas and cosmetic surgeons for those wanting to even out their overall skin tones.


It does need to be noted that although this intimate area cosmetic treatment is quite popular and accepted, many remain hesitant to have a stranger look upon that area. This has resulted in a number of home remedies flooding the market as a more budget friendly option. When embarking upon the treatment on your own in the privacy of your own home, it is imperative that all of the listed directions be followed without deviation. You will need to note that the risk of encountering a skin irritation within such a sensitive area increases when you administer the treatment yourself.

Which is best? DIY or salon whitening treatment?

creamFor a handful of individuals, there is no other option than to undergo the intimate treatment in a spa. For others, due to financial constraints or privacy concerns, a DIY treatment at home is the only route they will take for asshole whitening without even knowing how to do it even.

For the majority of spas that offer the treatment, it will cost you an average of $150 for the first visit. Additionally, it needs to be noted that within a spa it is recommended that a person visits between five to seven times. With that being said, the results for both an at-home DIY whitening and a spa treatment last for the same amount of time. You can easily search for reviews of bleach creams on the internet.

ProcedureIs it safe?Is it expensive?Are results guaranteed?Do I need to keep doing it?
Anal Bleaching CreamsYesNoYesYes
Anal Bleaching SurgeryNoYesMixed resultsYes

When desiring to bleach in the privacy of your own home, you will need to keep in mind that assistance will be needed. Therefore, you will have to seek out the one person in your life that you are not shy about showing that region of your body to. Guidelines will need to be firmly adhered to in order to avoid skin irritations and more. Also, keep in mind that technicians at spas have been trained for the procedure and know how to make the proper adjustments for your particular skin and more.


Do anus bleaching creams work safely?

Before leaping forth with anal lightening or vaginal bleaching, it is necessary to know precisely how buttocks lightening creams work. These creams work by reducing the natural pigment (melanin) of the skin in the area in which it is applied. Therefore, as old cells begin to die off and new cells are being produced with a decreased amount of melanin creating a lightened skin tone. In conjunction with the whitening cream, exfoliation via a scrub or a loofah will need to be utilized. This will allow for the dead cells to be removed at a faster rate and newer, lighter cells are delivered.

Before you try anything, it would be best to consult with your dermatologists to be safe if indeed you have any allergies to any of the ingredients(which is very rare!). There are before and after pictures of allergic reactions to different kinds of medicines that will surprise you. After your consultation, you can give the cream a go. Put on a small area of your intimate region only to test it out for 12-24 hours then afterwards, if there are no side-effects then you can go on with a full application.

In Conclusion

The intimate beauty treatment of anal whitening is able to afford people a method of increasing their confidence as well as aesthetic integrity. Whether looking to enhance one’s appearance in intimate settings or swimwear or in need of enhanced confidence during interpersonal relations; anal lightening is able to deliver what is desired. The procedure offers minimal to no disruption to your daily life or your wardrobe.

Depending on the precise technique that you choose, the treatment is able to fit into any person’s budget. This intimate treatment option has grown to be widely accepted as its popularity has expanded over the years. Moreover, no one has to know that you have undergone the treatment, unless you decide to share the news with them. Also, when or if you choose to disclose the information, there is little to no chance that unfavorable comments will be made to you.


Think about the last time you shared something that seemed extremely personal with one of your close friends or family members.  What was their response?  Of course they didn’t have anything harsh to say and definitely didn’t make fun of you.  When you put trust in someone and share secretive information, they will view you as a closer friend afterwards.  So why not share this information with someone?  It’s understandable that one could feel as if they are doing something taboo but it doesn’t have to be that way.  Other people, your friends included, will undoubtedly have similar issues that go unspoken.  Give this treatment a try and don’t feel so guilty about it!